Who is Tristan van Onselen

It’s me

The IT security and modern workplace consultant who accepts any challenge, that’s me! I have over 10 years of hands-on experience, started by a small consultancy firm specialized in SME’s and now working for the Microsoft’s partner of the year – InSpark. In my role as a security and modern management consultant. I’m responsible to accelerate and implement modern workplace solutions (focussing on security) or strategies for organizations up to 100.000 employees.

In addition to this customer-facing role, I’m the expert owner of the modern workplace.
This means that I advise the principal lead consultants about which technical capabilities we need to invest and research to create new solutions. Those solutions need to have an added value for our customers. For example towards a risk-based modern workplace.

My goal is to understand the technical and functional requirements and translate them into technical solutions. This translation will be described in technical architectures high and low/level designs. Although Agile is my preferred way of working. I am an enthusiastic person who is passionate about Microsoft products and love to share my knowledge.